TRL REVIEWS: Dracula by Bram Stoker (Halloween Edition)

TITLE: Dracula

AUTHOR: Bram Stoker

PUBLISHED: 1897; 2003 (reissue)

PUBLISHER: Penguin Classics

Quote: “There is a reason why all things are as they are.” 

Overview: You all probably know the story - Count Dracula attempts to move to England from Transylvania to feed on the blood of many and spread his undead curse. Abraham Van Helsing leads a small group of intertwined people to stop the Count before it's too late.

Analysis: I of course knew the majority of the story but I never before sat down and read Dracula. It was better than I expected. The book holds up to its spooky, scary and creepy reputation, and is a perfect Halloween read. It really is a timeless horror story. Also, as a classic, I found it to be on the more entertaining side than certain other classics, and although it was a much different story, I found it to be in the same vain as The Count of Monte Cristo.

Even knowing the general gyst of the Dracula plot and vampires, the story is still spectacularly spooky and provides ample suspense for the reader. Not that Bram Stoker needs me to do so, but I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good scare and a great story, one that was one of the major building blocks for the horror genre.


Conclusion: Put Dracula on your (Halloween) reading list!

Rating: 4/5