TRL REVIEWS: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

TITLE: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

AUTHOR: Lewis Carroll

PUBLISHED: 1865 ; 1984 (reissue)

PUBLISHER: Bantam Classics

Quote: "No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise."

Overview: It's Alice in Wonderland! You know the story - Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a mysterious fantasy world filled with all sorts of creatures and characters, each with their own knowledge and wisdom to pass on to Alice as she navigates her new surroundings.

Analysis: I had never before sat down and read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's a beautiful story (and even moreso when you actually read the words of Lewis Carroll). It's perfect for adults and children. It's one of those books a parent can read to a child where both can fall in love with it for entirely different reasons. An adult reading it may pick up on certain humor that flies over an innocent child's head, whereas a child might get enveloped by the wonderous world Alice encounters, an aspect that may hit a brick wall in a (maybe?) jaded adult. Either way, it's a timeless story for all ages and should be read over and over.


Conclusion: Slip into a world that you only visited when you were young and relive this classic.

Rating: 5/5