TRL REVIEWS: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

TITLE: The Couple Next Door

AUTHOR: Shari Lapena


PUBLISHER: Pamela Dorman Books

Quote: “The wife is always the last to know, right?” 

Overview: To an outsider, Anne and Marco Conti are living the perfect little life. They have a nice house in a nice suburb with their beautiful baby, Cora. One night, when Anne and Marco are at dinner next door with their neighbors, something every parent fears happens. Cora is missing. Gone. Detective Rasbach enters to solve the case and, hopefully, find their child. But who did it? Lies and deceit begin to pour out and follow the couple. The detective must find out who is responsible and what they did with the baby, in order to have any chance at all of saving Cora. Past and present lies form the story that Detective Rasbach hopes to unveil. 

Analysis: The Couple Next Door is a quick and exciting read. Each and every character enters the reader's radar as a potential suspect, only creating more suspense and intrigue. The book is quick but also jam-packed with twists and turns throughout that do not encompass the obvious, making the reader satisfied as each shoe falls. This book is a great summer time thriller to read on the beach or en route to your vacation destination. You'll find yourself staying up late and avoiding plans while trying to finish The Couple Next Door to find out what happened to little Cora and who's to blame.


Conclusion: Pick this up for a quick thrill ride!

Rating: 4/5