TRL REVIEWS: Meet Me in the Strange by Leander Watts

TITLE: Meet Me in the Strange

AUTHOR: Leander Watts


PUBLISHER: Meerkat Press

Quote: “We’re homo lux. Humans made out of light...”

Overview: Is it David Bowie? No, it’s Django Conn, the glam rock god of all glam rock gods. Set in the not-so-distant future, Davi is a Django Conn fanatic. At a show Django is playing in his city, Davi sees a girl. She’s completely lost in the music, lost in Django. There’s something about her that Davi can’t shake and though he loses her after the show, he knows he must find her. And he does. He also finds out this girl, Anna Z, might be in trouble. But he finds out so much more - the power she possesses, and that he possesses, and the interconnectedness between Django and them and the elusive yet powerful Alien Drift. When they’re not sure where to turn, the only thing that makes sense is to follow their glam rock god and hopefully find some answers, and safety. 

Analysis: This was a really fun read. If you enjoy music, sci-fi, love and “the Strange” then this book is for you. The writing was delightful and I especially liked how each chapter ranged from two to four pages. It keeps the pace of the book moving quickly and helps compartmentalize the different parts of the story by literally breaking them down for the reader. Plus, the story was magical and cool and out there (in a good way). The characters had an almost biblical innocence to them which was enhanced and made even more believable by the god-like persona of their rock god. Also, I loved the literary references littered throughout the story (I see you, Frankenstein). Definitely check out Meet Me in the Strange. 


Conclusion: If you want to slip into a futuristic city with glam kids and rock gods, pick this book up! 

Rating: 4/5

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this review. This does not affect my review, my opinion of the book or any such related content.