TRL REVIEWS: A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

TITLE: A Clockwork Orange

AUTHOR: Anthony Burgess


PUBLISHER: Heinemann

Quote: "When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.”

Overview: Alex, your humble narrator, lives in a slightly futuristic dystopian England. He’s involved in an extreme teen subculture that thrives off of a bit of the ultra-violence with his comrades after a visit to the Korova Milkbar. Until one day, the ultra-violence leads Alex to prison. In an attempt to gain early release, he volunteers to be a test subject in the implementation of a new scientific experiment hell-bent on reforming prisoners through conditioning. He soon transforms from violent offender to victim. A Clockwork Orange is partially written in a Russian-influenced slang known as Nadsat. 

Analysis: Well well well my droogs, this was a bolshy horrorshow of a raskazz. I was goolying around with this book in my rooker for a long raz till I finally rested my glazzies on it. A bezoomny malchick and his droogs torturing every ptitsa, baboocka and dedoochka they can find with the ultra-violence and the old in-out in-out after a visit to the Korova Milkbar for some Moloko plus. That is until the Ludovico Technique is introduced to our humble narrator by a bunch of bratchny doctors intent on turning his jeezny upside down. Instead of feeling like horrorshow about the ultra-violence he becomes all bolnoy and boohoohooing about it. A Clockwork Orange is a skorry and interessovat read that’ll have you govoreeting with your droogs not only about the raz but about plennies, barry places and the stripey-hole. So grab some Moloko plus with that rooker of yours, take your britva out of your carman, clear that old gulliver and enjoy the ride with your humble narrator. 


Conclusion: What? You need permission from pee and em? Go off on your oddy knocky and kupet this book. It’ll be almost as enjoyable as a bit of the ultra-violence. 

Rating: 5/5