TRL REVIEWS: American Radical by Tamer Elnoury

TITLE: American Radical

AUTHOR: Tamer Elnoury



Quote: “I'd only seen a picture of Chiheb once. I didn't want to see another picture of him, because I wanted it to seem natural when I saw him at the gate.”

Overview: American. Muslim. Undercover agent. Tamer Elnoury joined an elite counteterrorism unit after September 11, 2001. His task: to infiltrate and bring down a terror cell in the United States and Canada. He must gain the trust of terrorists by posing as one in order to learn their plans and put an end to a possible attack on North American soil. Time is against him as he learns more about the plot and the participants, but what poses the greatest threat is that which he doesn’t know yet, which he must find out before it’s too late. The clock is ticking and he must act quickly. 

Analysis: American Radical is an action-packed memoir with a great story and background, especially in today’s political climate. The story is filled with suspense and exhibits the incredible work done by American and other intelligence agencies to thwart terrorist attacks inside of the country. The most important aspect of the memoir comes at the end, though. Elnoury opines that keeping America’s doors open ensures that when it is threatened by an enemy, America will always have someone who looks like the enemy to help defeat them. Without an Arabic-speaking Muslim American, there would have been no shot to foil the plans of these terrorists. “America’s best defense is inclusion.”


Conclusion: Great book with a great lesson. 

Rating:  4/5