TRL REVIEWS: The Antiquarian by Julian Sanchez

TITLE: The Antiquarian: A Novel

AUTHOR: Julian Sanchez


PUBLISHER: Barcelona eBooks

Quote: “While we were in Barcelona I discovered that it is pointless to know the truth if it doesn’t match with our desires.”

Overview: Artur, a well-known antiquarian in Barcelona, is murdered soon after he sends his adoptive son, Enrique, a letter explaining that he discovered a valuable ancient manuscript. Enrique travels to Barcelona to investigate Artur’s death and the manuscript. With the help of his ex-wife Bety, the two search for the information that caused Artur to lose his life and to find his killer as well as the mystery behind the dangerous text. 

Analysis: The plot of the book was captivating and draws the reader in immediately. With elements of mystery, history and folklore, parts of The Antiquarian felt similar to The Da Vinci Code. I enjoyed the first two thirds of the book, which are filled with murder, avdenture and an intriguing historical background. However, much of the writing, throughout the entire book but especially in the last third of the book, could have been scratched. It was repetitive and unnecessary and subtracted from the story at times. I also found the ending to be dry and empty. The book ended without resolving much or giving the reader an inclination as to a number of outstanding questions. Overall, The Antiquarian had a lot of potential but did not reach it.


Conclusion: I wanted to enjoy this book more than I did, but it never reached my expectations.

Rating: 2/5