This blog was created to encapsulate one corporate lawyer's love of all things literary. Books provide a portal to other worlds, times, people, and places, and a great book changes how you look at the world.

As you will see, I read it all. Classics, sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, romance, mystery, adventure, horror, politics, religion, plays and whatever else I can get my hands on. 

When I review books I like to look beyond the story and writing. Who wrote this? When did they write it? Where were they living at the time? What had they experienced in their life? What drove the author to write this? In only this way is a reader able to understand the greater context of the book.


Hey all! I'm Brett, the author of The Reading Lawyer. Corporate lawyer by day and reader in the hours in between. I've always found books to be a great way to take an adventure without leaving your couch, and a great companion when you do get off of your couch. 

I find myself always reading in between. In between work and sleep, in between plans, in between destinations on a train, plane or bus. At that realization I came to the conclusion that books are life's palate cleansers. And life, similar to food, always tastes better with a cleansed palate.

Please take a look around, check out the books I've read and am reading, ask me questions, send me recommendations and enjoy whatever book you're reading right now!